2015 ORS § 537.358¹
Rules for reservation for future economic development
  • application for use of reserved water

(1) In adopting a rule under ORS 537.356 (Request for reservation of unappropriated water for future economic development) to reserve unappropriated water for multipurpose storage for future economic development, the Water Resources Commission shall include a public interest review that takes into consideration the factors described under ORS 537.170 (Contested case hearing on application).

(2) A person requesting use of the reserved water for new storage shall submit a water right application and comply with the procedure set forth in ORS 537.140 (Application for permit) to 537.252 (Certificate issued for land not described in permit), except that the priority date for a storage right approved for use of reserved water shall be the date of the reservation. The commission by rule may describe a process for ensuring that the proposed use is consistent with the requirements of the rule establishing the reservation. [1987 c.859 §14; 1997 c.445 §2]