2015 ORS § 537.350¹
Legal status of in-stream water right

(1) After the Water Resources Commission issues a certificate for an in-stream water right under ORS 537.341 (Certificate for in-stream water right) to 537.348 (Purchase, lease or gift of water right for conversion to in-stream water right), the in-stream water right shall have the same legal status as any other water right for which a certificate has been issued.

(2) An in-stream water right is not subject to cancellation under ORS 537.260 (Cancellation of permit for failure of proof of completion of appropriation) or 537.410 (Failure to commence or complete work, or to properly apply water, as grounds for cancellation of permit) to 537.450 (Rules for proof as to work and use of water under permits) but an in-stream water right may be canceled under ORS 540.610 (Use as measure of water right) to 540.650 (Issuance of new water right certificate for water rights not canceled). [1987 c.859 §10]