2015 ORS § 537.341¹
Certificate for in-stream water right

Subject to the provisions of ORS 537.343 (Proposed final order), the Water Resources Commission shall issue a certificate for an in-stream water right. The in-stream water right shall date from the filing of the application with the commission. The certificate shall be in the name of the Water Resources Department as trustee for the people of the State of Oregon and shall be issued by the commission according to the procedures established under ORS 537.338 (Rules for state agency request for in-stream water right). The commission shall forward a copy of each certificate issued under this section to the state agency requesting the in-stream water right. A certificate for an in-stream water right supplied by stored water shall refer to the reservoir described in the request filed under ORS 537.336 (State agencies authorized to request in-stream water rights). [1987 c.859 §6; 1995 c.673 §2]