2015 ORS § 536.500¹
Acceptance and expenditure of moneys from public and private sources

The Water Resources Commission may accept and expend moneys from any public or private source, including the federal government, made available for the purpose of encouraging, promoting and securing the maximum beneficial use and control of the water resources of this state or to facilitate and assist in carrying out its functions as provided by law. All moneys received by the commission under this section shall be deposited in the State Treasury and, unless otherwise prescribed by the source from which such moneys were received, shall be kept in separate accounts in the General Fund designated according to the purposes for which the moneys were made available. Notwithstanding the provisions of ORS 291.238 (Expenditures without allotment prohibited), all such moneys are continuously appropriated to the commission for the purposes for which they were made available and shall be expended in accordance with the terms and conditions upon which they were made available. [1955 c.707 §25]