2015 ORS § 536.330¹
Water Resources Act as supplemental to and including existing statutes

Chapter 707, Oregon Laws 1955, shall be construed by the Water Resources Commission as supplemental to existing statutes and not in lieu thereof except to the extent that existing statutes are expressly amended or repealed by chapter 707, Oregon Laws 1955. ORS 536.220 (Policy on water resources generally) to 536.540 (Approval of voucher claims) and the authority of the Water Resources Department thereunder shall include all laws now existing or hereinafter enacted that relate to or affect the use and control of the water resources of this state. [1955 c.707 §10(5); 1963 c.415 §1; 1975 c.581 §24; 1985 c.673 §180]

Note: See note under 536.310 (Purposes and policies to be considered in formulating state water resources program).