2015 ORS § 527.665¹
Notice of reforestation requirements to be given in forestland transfers
  • effect of failure to notify
  • damages

(1) In any transaction for the conveyance of an ownership interest in forestland, the transferor must provide to the transferee, prior to the date of execution of the conveyance, written notice of any reforestation requirements imposed upon the land pursuant to the Oregon Forest Practices Act.

(2) The failure of the transferor to comply with subsection (1) of this section does not invalidate an instrument of conveyance executed in the transaction. However, for any such failure the transferee may bring against the transferor an appropriate action to recover the costs of complying with the reforestation requirements. The court may award reasonable attorney fees to the prevailing party in an action brought under the provisions of this section. [1983 c.759 §4; 1995 c.618 §79]