2015 ORS § 523.210¹
Special assessment for improvements
  • report
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Whenever the district board considers it necessary, upon its own motion, or upon the petition of the owners of one-half of the property that benefits specially from the improvement, to make any improvement to be paid for in whole or in part by special assessment according to benefits, the board shall, by motion, cause a survey and written report for such project to be made and filed with the secretary. Unless the district board directs otherwise, the report shall contain:

(1) A map or plat showing the general nature, location and extent of the proposed improvement and the land to be assessed for the payment of any part of the cost thereof.

(2) Plans, specifications and estimates of the work to be done; however, where the proposed project is to be carried out in cooperation with any other governmental agency, the district board may adopt the plans, specifications and estimates of such agency.

(3) An estimate of the probable cost of the improvement, including any legal, administrative and engineering costs attributable thereto.

(4) An estimate of the unit cost of the improvement to the specially benefited properties.

(5) A recommendation as to the method of assessment to be used to arrive at a fair apportionment of the whole or any portion of the cost of the improvement to the properties specially benefited.

(6) The description and assessed value of each lot, parcel of land or portion thereof, to be specially benefited by the improvement, with the names of the record owners thereof and, when readily available, the names of the contract purchasers thereof.

(7) A statement of outstanding assessments against property to be assessed. [1975 c.782 §19]