2015 ORS § 508.326¹
Commercial Fisheries Fund
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(1) The Commercial Fisheries Fund is created in the State Treasury, separate and distinct from the General Fund. Except as provided in ORS 506.690 (Seizure, forfeiture and disposition of fish unlawfully taken), all moneys in the Commercial Fisheries Fund are appropriated continuously to the State Fish and Wildlife Commission for the administration and enforcement of the commercial fishing laws and for the management, propagation, research, habitat improvement and other activities that protect, maintain or enhance the food fish resource of this state. Interest earned on moneys in the fund shall be credited to the fund.

(2) Except as provided in ORS 508.949 (Fees), all moneys collected pursuant to ORS 508.505 (Additional fees based on value of fish at time of landing) to 508.550 (Sale of fish from license holders boat) for fish species taken pursuant to developmental fishery activities referred to in ORS 506.460 (Developmental fishery species harvest programs) shall be credited to a separate account in the Commercial Fisheries Fund. Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section or ORS 506.306 (Collecting moneys under commercial fishing laws), 25 percent of such moneys shall be expended for general fish management purposes and 75 percent of such moneys shall be expended to pay the expenses of developmental fishery activities pursuant to ORS 506.460 (Developmental fishery species harvest programs). [1991 c.701 §21; 1993 c.765 §119; 1999 c.1013 §2; 2003 c.809 §14]