2015 ORS § 496.445¹
Duties of commission

In carrying out the salmon and trout enhancement program, the State Fish and Wildlife Commission shall:

(1) Provide appropriate State Department of Fish and Wildlife personnel to act as community advisors to cooperatively develop enhancement projects with citizen volunteers and to cooperatively evaluate enhancement projects with the citizens responsible for project implementation.

(2) Provide technical assistance to citizens responsible for implementation of enhancement projects.

(3) Coordinate the implementation of enhancement projects with the activities of department staff and other agencies.

(4) Provide educational and informational materials to promote public awareness and involvement in the salmon and trout enhancement program.

(5) Supervise the activities of citizens developing local brood stock for enhancement projects.

(6) Grant funds to citizens for the implementation of approved enhancement projects from such moneys as may be available to the commission therefor.

(7) Develop and implement a remote hatchbox program as described in ORS 496.458 (Remote hatchbox program).

(8) Report annually to the Legislative Assembly on the progress of the salmon and trout enhancement program. [1981 c.317 §5; 1999 c.189 §2]