2015 ORS § 496.156¹
Expenditure priority for anadromous fish management

(1) In carrying out duties, functions and powers regarding the propagation of anadromous fish prescribed in the wildlife laws and the commercial fishing laws, the State Fish and Wildlife Commission shall give high priority to expenditures for propagation assistance by means of transportation of upstream and downstream migrants in those areas where dams and other such obstacles present a passage problem to juvenile or adult salmon.

(2) For the purposes of this section, transportation means any method of helping anadromous fish to pass dams and other obstacles so as to reduce the mortality associated with passage.

(3) Nothing in subsection (1) of this section prevents the cooperation of the commission with the federal government in programs financed pursuant to ORS 506.405 (Powers of commission regarding federal aid for fish and fisheries). [1977 c.653 §2]