2015 ORS § 480.156¹
Sale of fireworks to out-of-state resident without valid license or permit prohibited
  • seller to ascertain license or permit requirements of other states
  • sellers records

(1) It is unlawful for any person to sell fireworks at wholesale to any out-of-state resident who does not possess and present to the seller for inspection at the time of sale a valid license or permit issued in the name of such out-of-state resident, if such license or permit is required to purchase, possess, transport, store, distribute, sell or otherwise deal with or use fireworks by the laws of such other state.

(2) The burden of ascertaining whether the laws of such other state require a license or permit and whether the purchaser possesses such a valid license or permit shall be entirely on the seller. Each seller shall record, in a manner prescribed by the State Fire Marshal, each sale described in this section. The record shall include the identification of type and quantity of fireworks sold, name of purchaser, state of destination, state issuing license or permit and number or other identifying description and date of issue of license or permit. [1985 c.789 §9; 2013 c.24 §8]