2015 ORS § 478.505¹
Petition for tax zones by district electors
  • number of signatures required
  • public hearing

(1) The electors of a district may initiate proceedings to divide the district into zones under ORS 478.155 (Formation of district with tax zones) and 478.480 (Formation of tax zones) to 478.500 (Determination of tax levy in each tax zone) by filing a petition with the district board. The petition shall state the name of the district and contain a request that the district board divide the district into zones consisting of areas zoned for exclusive farm use, areas within urban growth boundaries and all other areas.

(2) A petition filed under this section shall be signed by not less than 10 percent of the electors of the district.

(3) When the district board receives a petition filed under this section, the district board shall hold a public hearing on the formation of the proposed zones, and provide notice thereof, as required by ORS 478.480 (Formation of tax zones) (2) and 478.485 (Notice of public hearing). [1993 c.424 §13]