2015 ORS § 477.062¹
Inadequately protected forestland declared nuisance
  • notice to protect
  • work at expense of owner
  • collection of amount expended

(1) All forestland that by reason of its lack of adequate fire protection endangers life, forest resources or property is declared to be a public nuisance.

(2) Whenever the forester learns thereof, the forester may direct the owner or operator of such forestland to take proper steps for its protection and advise the owner or operator of means to that end. In case of refusal or neglect by either to take precautions against fire required by law or when so directed by the forester in writing, within such time as is specified in the writing, then the forester may have such work done as the forester considers necessary for the protection of life, forest resources or property, without the necessity of court action.

(3) The cost of work under subsection (2) of this section and the expense of any patrol rendered necessary by the want of adequate protection of such forestland shall be recoverable from the offender by an action prosecuted in the name of the state.

(4) All moneys collected under this section shall be paid into the State Treasury, credited to the State Forestry Department Account and expended as other moneys in that account are expended. [Formerly 477.032; 1965 c.253 §50; 1997 c.274 §2]