2015 ORS § 476.060¹
Local officers and constables as assistants to State Fire Marshal

(1) All fire marshals in those governmental subdivisions having such officers, and where no such officer exists, the chief of the fire department of every city or rural fire protection district in which a fire department is established, the marshal or chief of police, officer of any city in which no fire department exists, and constables, if any, shall be, by virtue of the offices held by them, assistants to the State Fire Marshal without additional recompense, subject to the duties and obligations imposed by law, and shall be subject to the direction of the State Fire Marshal in the execution of the provisions of this section and ORS 476.070 (Entering buildings and premises), 476.090 (Records of fires), 476.150 (Entry and inspection of premises), 476.210 (Investigation of fires by municipal officers and constables) and 480.445 (Regulation of liquefied petroleum gas container or receptacle siting and installation).

(2) In addition to other duties under subsection (1) of this section, an individual designated as an assistant to the State Fire Marshal shall aid in the administration and enforcement of ORS 480.200 (Definitions for ORS 480.200 to 480.290) to 480.290 (Requirements for person driving vehicle transporting explosives) and 480.990 (Penalties) (6) upon the request of the State Fire Marshal. [Amended by 1965 c.602 §3; 1971 c.518 §22; 1983 c.740 §188; 1987 c.158 §103; 2005 c.88 §4]