2015 ORS § 475.856¹
Unlawful manufacture of marijuana
  • exceptions

This section is amended
Effective March 3, 2016
Relating to cannabis; creating new provisions; amending ORS 90.396, 305.620, 316.680, 419C.239, 419C.420, 419C.443, 471.001, 471.775, 475.245, 475.752, 475.856, 475.858, 475.860, 475.862, 475.864, 475.898, 475B.015, 475B.063, 475B.070, 475B.075, 475B.090, 475B.100, 475B.110, 475B.150, 475B.160, 475B.185, 475B.218, 475B.235, 475B.245, 475B.250, 475B.255, 475B.340, 475B.375, 475B.415, 475B.420, 475B.428, 475B.435, 475B.443, 475B.450, 475B.705, 475B.710, 475B.760, 475B.800, 809.265 and 813.215 and section 3, chapter 20, Oregon Laws 2015; repealing ORS 475B.120, 475B.285 and 811.481 and sections 173 and 175b, chapter 614, Oregon Laws 2015; and declaring an emergency.

(1) As used in this section, homegrown, household, license and licensee representative have the meanings given those terms in ORS 475B.015 (Definitions for ORS 475B.010 to 475B.395).

(2) Except for licensees and licensee representatives that are engaged in lawful activities, and except for a person acting within the scope of and in compliance with ORS 475B.245 (Applicability of licensing provisions to homegrown marijuana and homemade cannabinoid products and concentrates), it is unlawful for any person to manufacture marijuana.

(3) Unlawful manufacture of marijuana is a Class C felony.

(4) Notwithstanding subsection (3) of this section, unlawful manufacture of marijuana is a Class B misdemeanor if a person 21 years of age or older manufactures homegrown marijuana at a household and the total number of homegrown marijuana plants at the household exceeds four marijuana plants but does not exceed eight marijuana plants. [2005 c.708 §29; 2013 c.591 §1; 2015 c.1 §77; 2015 c.614 §121]