2015 ORS § 473.110¹
Sale of property
  • disposal of proceeds

At the sale, the property shall be sold by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission or by its duly authorized agent in accordance with law and the notice. The commission shall deliver to the purchaser a bill of sale for the personal property, and a deed for any real property so sold. The bill of sale or deed vests title in the purchaser. The unsold portion of any property seized under ORS 473.100 (Seizure of property) may be left at the place of sale at the risk of the manufacturer. If upon any such sale, the money received exceeds the amount of all privilege taxes, penalties and costs due the state from the manufacturer, the excess shall be returned to the manufacturer, and a receipt therefor obtained. However, if any person having an interest in or lien upon the property has filed with the commission, prior to the sale, notice of interest or lien, the commission shall withhold any such excess pending a determination of the rights of the respective parties thereto by a court of competent jurisdiction. If the receipt of the manufacturer is not available, the commission shall deposit such excess money with the State Treasurer, as trustee for the owner, subject to the order of the manufacturer, the heirs, successors or assigns of the manufacturer.