2015 ORS § 471.392¹
Definitions for ORS 471.392 to 471.400

This section is amended
Effective January 1, 2017
Relating to brewery licensees; creating new provisions; amending ORS 471.168, 471.311, 471.392, 471.402 and 471.501; and repealing ORS 471.220.

For the purposes of ORS 471.392 (Definitions for ORS 471.392 to 471.400) to 471.400 (Exceptions to prohibition of financial assistance):

(1) Manufacturer or wholesaler means:

(a) A person holding a brewery license issued under ORS 471.220 (Brewery license), a winery license issued under ORS 471.223 (Winery license), a grower sales privilege license issued under ORS 471.227 (Grower sales privilege license), a distillery license issued under ORS 471.230 (Distillery license), a wholesale malt beverage and wine license issued under ORS 471.235 (Wholesale malt beverage and wine license) or a warehouse license issued under ORS 471.242 (Warehouse license).

(b) Any manufacturer of alcoholic liquors whose products are sold in the State of Oregon.

(2) Retail licensee means the holder of a full or limited on-premises sales license, an off-premises sales license or a temporary sales license. Retail licensee does not include a bona fide trade association that represents retail licensees and that is open to all persons licensed under at least one type of retail license. [1995 c.301 §76; 1997 c.249 §172; 1999 c.351 §31]