2015 ORS § 468B.375¹
Inspection of facilities and vessels
  • coordination with State of Washington

(1) In addition to any other right of access or inspection conferred upon the Department of Environmental Quality by ORS 468B.370 (Determination of adequacy of plan), the department may at reasonable times and in a safe manner enter and inspect facilities and tank vessels in order to insure compliance with the provisions of ORS 468B.345 (Oil spill contingency plan required to operate facility or covered vessel in state or state waters) to 468B.415 (Oregon coast safety committee).

(2) The department shall coordinate with the State of Washington in the review of the tank vessel structural integrity inspection programs conducted by the United States Coast Guard and other federal agencies to determine whether the programs as actually operated by the federal agencies adequately protect the navigable waters of the state. If the department determines that tank vessel inspection programs conducted by the federal agencies are not adequate to protect the navigable waters of the state, the department shall establish a state tank vessel inspection program. [1991 c.651 §10]