2015 ORS § 468B.160¹
Ground water management and use policy

In order to achieve the goal set forth in ORS 468B.155 (State goal to prevent ground water contamination), the Legislative Assembly establishes the following policies to control the management and use of the ground water resource of this state and to guide any activity that may affect the ground water resource of Oregon:

(1) Public education programs and research and demonstration projects shall be established in order to increase the awareness of the citizens of this state of the vulnerability of ground water to contamination and ways to protect this important resource.

(2) All state agencies rules and programs affecting ground water shall be consistent with the overall intent of the goal set forth in ORS 468B.155 (State goal to prevent ground water contamination).

(3) Statewide programs to identify and characterize ground water quality shall be conducted.

(4) Programs to prevent ground water quality degradation through the use of the best practicable management practices shall be established.

(5) Ground water contamination levels shall be used to trigger specific governmental actions designed to prevent those levels from being exceeded or to restore ground water quality to at least those levels.

(6) All ground water of the state shall be protected for both existing and future beneficial uses so that the state may continue to provide for whatever beneficial uses the natural water quality allows. [Formerly 468.693]

Note: See note under 468B.150 (Definitions for ORS 468B.150 to 468B.190).