2015 ORS § 468B.120¹
Definitions for ORS 468B.120 to 468B.135

As used in ORS 468B.120 (Definitions for ORS 468B.120 to 468B.135) to 468B.135 (Exemptions):

(1) Cleaning agent means any product, including but not limited to soaps and detergents, containing a surfactant as a wetting or dirt emulsifying agent and used primarily for domestic or commercial cleaning purposes, including but not limited to the cleansing of fabrics, dishes, food utensils and household and commercial premises. Cleaning agent does not include foods, drugs, cosmetics, insecticides, fungicides and rodenticides or cleaning agents exempted under ORS 468B.135 (Exemptions).

(2) Commercial premises means any premises used for the purpose of carrying on or exercising any trade, business, profession, vocation, commercial or charitable activity, including but not limited to laundries, hotels, motels and food or restaurant establishments.

(3) Person means any individual, firm, partnership or corporation.

(4) Phosphorus means elemental phosphorus. [1991 c.764 §3; 2009 c.246 §2]