2015 ORS § 468B.083¹
When motor vehicle parts may be placed in waters of state
  • rules

(1) The Environmental Quality Commission shall adopt rules as to the beneficial use of chassis, bodies, shells, and tires of motor vehicles in the waters of the state, including the means and methods of placing them in the waters of the state. In adopting such rules the commission shall consider, among other things:

(a) The possibility of pollution;

(b) The aesthetics of such use;

(c) The utility of such use in reclamation projects;

(d) The degradation of the waters, stream beds or banks; and

(e) The nature of the waters such as tidewater, slough or running stream.

(2) In the manner described in ORS 468.065 (Issuance of permits), the commission may issue a permit to an applicant to place chassis, bodies, shells or tires of motor vehicles in the waters of this state subject to the rules adopted under this section. [Formerly 468B.065]