2015 ORS § 468B.055¹
Plans and specifications for disposal, treatment and sewerage systems

(1) The Department of Environmental Quality may require that plans and specifications for the construction, installation or modification of disposal systems, treatment works and sewerage systems be submitted to the department for its approval or rejection.

(2) If the department requires that plans and specifications be submitted under subsection (1) of this section, construction, installation or modification may not be commenced until the plans and specifications submitted to the department are approved. If the disposal or discharge is for a mining operation, as defined in ORS 517.952 (Definitions for ORS 517.952 to 517.989), departmental review and approval shall be included as part of the consolidated application process under ORS 517.952 (Definitions for ORS 517.952 to 517.989) to 517.989 (Rules applicable to consolidated application). Any construction, installation or modification must be in accordance with the plans and specifications approved by the department. [Formerly 468.742; 2005 c.523 §7; 2013 c.371 §28]