2015 ORS § 468A.300¹
Definitions for federal operating permit program

As used in ORS 468.065 (Issuance of permits), 468A.040 (Permits), 468A.300 (Definitions for federal operating permit program) to 468A.330 (Small Business Stationary Source Technical and Environmental Compliance Assistance Program), 468A.415 (Legislative findings), 468A.420 (Oxygenated motor vehicle fuels) and 468A.460 (Policy) to 468A.515 (Residential solid fuel heating curtailment program requirements):

(1) Administrator means the administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

(2) Clean Air Act means P.L. 88-206 as amended.

(3) Federal operating permit program means the program established by the Environmental Quality Commission and the Department of Environmental Quality pursuant to ORS 468A.310 (Federal operating permit program approval).

(4) Major source has the meaning given in section 501(2) of the Clean Air Act.

(5) Title V means Title V of the Clean Air Act. [1991 c.752 §3; 2009 c.387 §15]