2015 ORS § 466.882¹

The Environmental Quality Commission shall adopt rules necessary to carry out ORS 466.858 (Heating oil tank regulatory program) to 466.878 (Required actions when use of underground heating oil tank is terminated). The rules shall include but need not be limited to:

(1) A voluntary process for certifying the decommissioning of an abandoned underground heating oil tank;

(2) Information required to be submitted by a licensed heating oil tank service provider or homeowner to allow the Department of Environmental Quality to approve a heating oil tank corrective action;

(3) Requirements for the approval of decommissioning;

(4) Standards to define adequate tank decommissioning; and

(5) Requirements for the approval by the Department of Environmental Quality of decommissioning of underground heating oil tanks that were decommissioned before August 17, 1999. [1999 c.979, §7; 1999 c.979 §16]