2015 ORS § 465.500¹

(1) The purposes of ORS 465.500 (Purpose) to 465.545 (Suspension of dry cleaning fees) are:

(a) To create a $1 million cleanup fund paid for solely by the dry cleaning industry, and to otherwise exempt dry cleaning owners and dry cleaning operators from cleanup liability; and

(b) To ensure the cleanup of contamination resulting from dry cleaning facilities.

(2) The provisions of ORS 465.200 (Definitions for ORS 465.200 to 465.545) to 465.545 (Suspension of dry cleaning fees) and 465.900 (Civil penalties for violation of removal or remedial actions), and rules and programs adopted thereto, shall continue to apply to the cleanup of releases of hazardous substances from dry cleaning facilities, including but not limited to provisions and programs for:

(a) Listing of facilities having a confirmed release of dry cleaning solvents;

(b) Prioritizing dry cleaning facilities with confirmed releases for removal or remedial action;

(c) Applying standards and methods for removal and remedial actions selected or approved by the Department of Environmental Quality; and

(d) Enforcing or undertaking removal and remedial actions. [1995 c.427 §3; 2001 c.495 §1; 2003 c.407 §21]