2015 ORS § 465.275¹
Remedial action and financial assistance program
  • contracts for implementation

(1) The Department of Environmental Quality may conduct:

(a) A financial assistance program, including but not limited to loan guarantees, to assist persons in financing the cost of remedial action.

(b) Activities necessary to carry out the purpose of ORS 465.381 (Hazardous Substance Remedial Action Fund), 468.220 (Department to administer fund), 468.230 (Pollution Control Sinking Fund) and 465.265 (Person defined for ORS 465.265 to 465.310) to 465.310 (Accounting procedure for financial assistance moneys), including but not limited to entering into contracts or agreements, making and guaranteeing loans, taking security and instituting appropriate actions to enforce agreements made under ORS 465.285 (Requirements for financial assistance).

(2) The department may enter into a contract or agreement for services to implement a financial assistance program with any person, including but not limited to a financial institution or a unit of local, state or federal government. The services may include but need not be limited to evaluating creditworthiness of applicants, preparing and marketing financial assistance packages and administering and servicing financial assistance agreements. [1989 c.833 §104]