2015 ORS § 463.210¹
Organizations exempt from licensing and bonding provisions

(1) The promoting, conducting or maintaining of a boxing or mixed martial arts event when conducted by educational institutions, Oregon National Guard Units, United States Amateur Boxing, Inc., or any other amateur athletic organizations duly recognized by the Oregon State Athletic Commission is exempt from the licensing and bonding provisions of this chapter if none of the participants in the event receives a monetary remuneration, purse or prize for performance or services.

(2) The licensing and bonding provisions of this chapter do not apply to:

(a) Any nonprofit amateur athletic associations organized under the laws of this state, including their affiliated membership clubs throughout the state that have been recognized by the commission.

(b) Any events between students of educational institutions that are conducted by a college, school or university as part of the institutions athletic program.

(c) Events between members of any troop, battery, company or units of the Oregon National Guard. [1987 c.789 §11; 2007 c.585 §19]