2015 ORS § 461.400¹

Notwithstanding other provisions of law, the Director of the Oregon State Lottery may purchase or lease such goods or services as are necessary for effectuating the purposes of this chapter. The commission may not contract with any private party or nongovernmental entity for the operation and administration of the Oregon State Lottery established by this chapter. However, the foregoing shall not preclude procurements which integrate functions such as lottery game design, supply of goods and services, advertising and public relations. In all procurement decisions, the director and Oregon State Lottery Commission shall take into account the particularly sensitive nature of the state lottery, shall consider the lotterys potential contribution to the development of and citizens access to the states telecommunications infrastructure, and shall act to promote and insure integrity, security, honesty and fairness in the operation and administration of the state lottery and the objective of raising net revenues for the benefit of the public purpose described in section 4, Article XV of the Constitution of the State of Oregon. [1985 c.2 §6(1); 1985 c.302 §6(1); 1991 c.962 §11]