2017 ORS 459A.320¹
Manufacturer program plan
  • state contractor program

(1) A manufacturer choosing to implement a manufacturer program shall submit a plan to the Department of Environmental Quality at the time of payment of the annual registration fee required under ORS 459A.315 (Registration by manufacturer).

(2) The manufacturer’s plan must describe how the manufacturer will:

(a) Finance, manage and conduct a statewide program to collect covered electronic devices from covered entities in this state.

(b) Provide for environmentally sound management practices to collect, transport and recycle covered electronic devices.

(c) Provide for advertising and promotion of collection opportunities statewide and on a regular basis.

(d) Include convenient service in every county in this state and at least one collection site for any city with a population of at least 10,000. A collection site for a county may be the same as a collection site for a city in the county. Collection sites shall be staffed and open to the public at a frequency adequate to meet the needs of the area being served. A program may provide collection service jointly with another program.

(3) A manufacturer choosing to implement a manufacturer program shall:

(a) Meet or exceed the requirements for collection sites described in subsection (2) of this section.

(b) Provide for collection, transportation and recycling of covered electronic devices for covered entities free of charge, except that a manufacturer that provides premium service for a covered entity may charge for the additional cost of that premium service.

(c) Implement the plan required under this section.

(d) Conduct a statistically significant sampling or actual count of the covered electronic devices, except for computer peripherals, collected and recycled by the manufacturer each calendar year using a methodology approved by the department. The manufacturer shall report the results of the sampling or count to the department, in accordance with the approved sampling methodology or as directed by the department, no later than March 1 of the following calendar year. The report must include:

(A) A list of all brands identified during the sampling or count by the manufacturer;

(B) The weight of covered electronic devices identified for each brand during the sampling or count; and

(C) The total weight of covered electronic devices, including orphan devices and computer peripherals, collected from covered entities in the state by the manufacturer during the previous calendar year.

(e) By March 1 of each year, provide a report to the department that details how the plan required under this section was implemented during the previous calendar year.

(4) A group of manufacturers may choose to implement a manufacturer program as one entity, if in doing so the manufacturers meet the sum of their individual return shares by weight under ORS 459A.340 (Duties of department) (3) and that sum is at least five percent.

(5) By July 1 of each year, a manufacturer that does not meet its return share by weight for the previous calendar year shall pay the department for the amount not achieved at a rate determined by the department to be equivalent to the amount the manufacturer would have paid, plus 10 percent, to be part of the state contractor program under ORS 459A.340 (Duties of department).

(6) A manufacturer participating in the state contractor program under ORS 459A.340 (Duties of department) shall notify the department at the time of its registration each year.

(7) Except as provided in subsection (4) of this section, a manufacturer with less than a five percent return share is required to participate in the state contractor program under ORS 459A.340 (Duties of department). [2007 c.302 §5; 2007 c.302 §6; 2011 c.548 §§5,6]

Note: See note under 459A.300 (Legislative findings).

(formerly 459.810 to 459.890)

Notes of Decisions

The “bottle bill” is a valid exercise of Oregon’s police power and is valid under the U.S. Constitu­tion and the Oregon Constitu­tion. Am. Can Co. v. Ore. Liquor Control Comm., 15 Or App 618, 517 P2d 691 (1973)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Effect of constitu­tional pro­vi­sion requiring pay­ments based on govern­ment regula­tions restricting use of prop­erty, (2001) Vol 49, p 284

Law Review Cita­tions

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(formerly 459.165 to 459.200)

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