2015 ORS § 456.320¹
Donations and loans to housing authority

(1) When any housing authority becomes authorized to transact business and exercise its powers, the governing body of the city, town or county, as the case may be, shall immediately make an estimate of the amount of money necessary for the administrative expenses and overhead of the housing authority during the first year thereafter, and shall appropriate such amount to the authority out of any moneys in such city, town or county treasury not appropriated to some other purposes. The moneys so appropriated shall be paid to the authority as a donation.

(2) Any city, town, municipality or county located in whole or in part within the area of operation of a housing authority may lend or donate money to the authority or agree to take such action. The housing authority, when it has money available therefor, shall make reimbursements for all loans made to it. The authority may enter into agreement with the donor setting forth the purposes for which the donation may be used and the conditions under which such donation must be restored to the donor. [Amended by 1977 c.341 §1]