2015 ORS § 450.875¹
Collection of delinquent assessments by lien foreclosure procedure
  • reassessment procedure

(1) In case the whole or any portion of the cost of sewage treatment plants, trunk or lateral sewers or drains is assessed against property directly benefited and the owner of the property fails to pay the amount of the lien, or any portion thereof, or the interest thereon, when due, the board may proceed to foreclose the lien in any manner provided by law for the collection of liens by local governments as defined in ORS 174.116 (Local government and local service district defined) and may provide by ordinance a general procedure for the collection of liens in any manner not inconsistent with law.

(2) The provisions of ORS 223.405 (Definitions for ORS 223.405 to 223.485) to 223.485 (When reassessment authority inapplicable) relating to reassessment shall be available to sanitary authorities where applicable. [1955 c.614 §37; 2003 c.802 §122]