2015 ORS § 450.850¹
Hearing on boards proposed construction plans and estimated special assessments
  • notice of hearing

(1) After plans and specifications have been prepared and filed as provided in ORS 450.845 (Areas needing sewerage installations to be determined and plans for installations to be made), the board shall hold a hearing within the authority and may adjourn the hearings from time to time.

(2) The board shall post notice of the time and place of the hearing in at least three conspicuous places in the area directly benefited, for two weeks prior to the hearing and publish such notice in a newspaper of general circulation printed and published in the area once a week for two successive weeks prior to the hearing or, if there is no such newspaper, in a newspaper of general circulation printed and published in the county in which the area, or the largest portion thereof, is situated. Such notice shall contain a statement that the board proposes to construct a sewage treatment plant or trunk or lateral sewers or drains, or any combination thereof, for the area and a statement, if special assessments are to be levied against property specially benefited, showing the estimated total cost of the improvement which is to be paid for by special assessment of benefited property and the engineers estimated unit cost of the improvement to the specially benefited property, clearly indicating that this is an estimate and not an assessment; and set forth the proposed boundaries of the area and that all interested persons may appear and be heard. [1955 c.614 §33; 1973 c.399 §1]