2015 ORS § 450.084¹
Payment for services or insurance by district

(1) The district may agree to pay none, part or all of the premiums or charges on insurance or service contracts, and it may collect from the salary of any employee covered by the contract the percentage of the premiums or charges the employee is required to provide pursuant to the contract. Contributions for premiums or charges by employees shall be only on a voluntary basis.

(2) The board may negotiate more than one contract with one or more companies or associations if necessary to obtain optimum coverage at minimum cost.

(3) No premium or other periodic charge on any insurance or service contract shall be paid unless the insurer or hospital association issuing such policy or contract is authorized to transact business as an insurance company or hospital association in this state.

(4) Expenses incurred by a district in establishing programs or providing benefits authorized by ORS 450.082 (District may contract for employee health care services or insurance) and this section are expenses for which a district may levy taxes as provided by ORS 450.170 (Levy of taxes). [1967 c.439 §§3,5]