2015 ORS § 446.271¹
Civil penalty for violation of ORS 446.003 to 446.200 or 446.225 to 446.285 or related rules

The Department of Consumer and Business Services may impose a civil penalty for a violation of ORS 446.003 (Definitions for ORS 446.003 to 446.200 and 446.225 to 446.285 and ORS chapters 195, 196, 197, 215 and 227) to 446.200 (When noncompliance with city or county regulations authorized) or 446.225 (Administration and enforcement of federal manufactured housing safety and construction standards) to 446.285 (Advisory board training and education programs) or rules adopted or orders issued for the administration or enforcement of those sections. The department shall impose a civil penalty authorized by this section as provided in ORS 455.895 (Civil penalties). [2001 c.411 §2]