2015 ORS § 443.715¹
Exclusions from definition of adult foster home

For purposes of ORS 443.705 (Definitions for ORS 443.705 to 443.825) to 443.825 (Disposition of penalties recovered), adult foster home does not include:

(1) Any house, institution, hotel, or other similar place that supplies board and room only, or room only, or board only, if no resident thereof requires any element of care.

(2) Any specialized living situation for persons with physical disabilities where the licensing agency provides payment for personal care services other than to an adult foster home provider.

(3) Any residential facility, as defined in ORS 443.400 (Definitions for ORS 443.400 to 443.455), licensed and funded by the licensing agency. [1983 c.629 §2; 1985 c.663 §2; 1989 c.224 §103; 1991 c.801 §5; 2001 c.900 §188; 2007 c.70 §250; 2009 c.595 §791a]