2015 ORS § 441.357¹
Definitions for ORS 441.357 to 441.367

As used in ORS 441.357 (Definitions for ORS 441.357 to 441.367) to 441.367 (Facility required to give notice of base rate and policy on nonpayment):

(1) Informed written consent means voluntary consent in writing given after receipt and understanding of a written statement of a residents rights under ORS 441.362 (Notice by Department of Human Services prior to move or termination) (1) to (5).

(2) Long term care facility means any long term care facility as defined in ORS 442.015 (Definitions).

(3) Move from a long term care facility means any move, relocation, discharge or transfer out of a long term care facility which terminates residence at the long term care facility.

(4) Resident means an individual receiving care in a long term care facility. [1983 c.269 §1; 1985 c.747 §51]