2015 ORS § 420A.135¹
Secure regional youth facilities

(1) The Oregon Youth Authority may establish up to five secure regional youth facilities.

(2) A secure regional youth facility shall:

(a) Provide secure incarceration;

(b) Provide education and job and life skills training including, but not limited to, anger management and self-control; and

(c) Include a drug and alcohol treatment component that meets the standards promulgated by the Oregon Health Authority pursuant to ORS 430.357 (Minimum standards).

(3) The Director of the Oregon Youth Authority is solely responsible for determining which persons committed to, or placed in the custody of, the youth authority are eligible to participate in, and are accepted for placement in, a secure regional youth facility. The juvenile court may recommend to the Oregon Youth Authority that a youth offender be placed in a secure regional youth facility, but the recommendation is not binding on the youth authority. [1995 c.422 §§21,22; 2005 c.271 §4; 2009 c.595 §377]