2015 ORS § 420A.120¹
Suspension of parole or conditional release
  • rules

(1) The Oregon Youth Authority, upon being informed and having reasonable grounds to believe that a youth offender under the youth authoritys supervision or control has violated the conditions of parole or other conditional release from custody, may suspend the youth offenders parole or conditional release and order that the youth offender be taken into custody and detained. The written order of the youth authority is sufficient warrant for a law enforcement officer or a juvenile community supervision officer as defined in ORS 420.905 (Definitions for ORS 420.905 to 420.915) to take custody of the youth offender.

(2) The youth authority shall adopt rules establishing standards and procedures for revocation of parole and conditional release. The rules must be consistent with the requirements of due process and other applicable law.

(3) If the juvenile court has committed a youth offender to the legal custody of the youth authority and has placed the youth offender on probation, and the youth authority has probable cause to believe that the youth offender has violated a condition of probation, the juvenile court, upon request of the youth authority, may order that the youth offender be taken into custody as provided in ORS chapter 419C. [1995 c.422 §17; 1997 c.727 §10; 2013 c.259 §5]