2015 ORS § 420A.108¹
Policy regarding rules and dispositions for violations of rules
  • review of dispositions

(1) It is the policy of the State of Oregon that:

(a) Rules regulating the conduct of youth offenders be based on the following principles and goals:

(A) Concrete expectations and goals for the conduct of youth offenders;

(B) Safety of youth correction facility staff, the public, visitors and youth offenders;

(C) Maintenance of order within youth correction facilities;

(D) Maintenance of a structured environment within youth correction facilities; and

(E) Maintenance of an atmosphere necessary for effective education, training, treatment and reform within youth correction facilities.

(b) Dispositions and sanctions for violations of rules regulating the conduct of youth offenders must be structured to reflect the severity and frequency of the violations and must be consistently and promptly imposed.

(2) The Director of the Oregon Youth Authority, upon request, shall review any disposition that results in the transfer of a youth offender to a different youth correction facility no later than 72 hours after the transfer. [1995 c.422 §19]