2015 ORS § 420.860¹
Policy and intent

It is declared to be the policy and intent of the Legislative Assembly that the State of Oregon shall encourage, aid and financially assist its county governments and public and private agencies in the establishment and development of youth care centers for youths found to be in need of care and rehabilitation pursuant to ORS 419C.446 (Probation), 419C.450 (Restitution), 419C.478 (Commitment to Oregon Youth Authority or Department of Human Services), 419C.481 (Guardianship and legal custody of youth offender committed to Oregon Youth Authority), 419C.486 (Consideration of recommendations of committing court), 419C.489 (Condition requiring medical care or special treatment), 419C.492 (Courts authority to review placement) and 419C.498 (Disposition under compact, agreement or arrangement with another state). [1967 c.444 §10; 1993 c.33 §347; 1995 c.422 §115]