2015 ORS § 420.065¹
Youth offenders compensation
  • disposition of compensation

(1) Such agreements shall provide for compensation to be paid for the youth offenders work at the prevailing wages for such work in the community where the youth offender is employed or at a wage rate approved by the superintendent.

(2) All sums earned by a youth offender placed in a youth correction facility, other than amounts involuntarily withheld by the employer of the youth offender, shall be paid directly to the superintendent or to the youth offender if so directed by the superintendent. Except as otherwise provided in ORS 419C.203 (Payment for compensation of counsel), all moneys received by the superintendent under this section shall be placed in a trust account to be used solely for the benefit of the youth offender. [1969 c.410 §2; 1995 c.422 §98; 1997 c.724 §2]