2015 ORS § 419B.836¹
Effect of error in summons or service of summons

Failure to comply with provisions of ORS 419B.812 (Issuance of summons), 419B.815 (Summons for proceeding to establish jurisdiction under ORS 419B.100), 419B.818 (Form of summons under ORS 419B.815), 419B.819 (Summons for proceeding to establish permanent guardianship or terminate parental rights), 419B.822 (Form of summons under ORS 419B.819) and 419B.839 (Required and discretionary summons) relating to the form of summons, issuance of summons or who may serve summons does not affect the validity of service of summons or the existence of jurisdiction over the person if the court determines that the served person received actual notice of the substance and pendency of the action. The court may allow amendment to a summons or affidavit or certificate of service of summons. The court shall disregard any error in the content of summons that does not materially prejudice the substantive rights of the party to whom summons was issued. If service is made in any manner complying with ORS 419B.812 (Issuance of summons) to 419B.839 (Required and discretionary summons), the court shall also disregard any error in the service of summons that does not violate the due process rights of the party against whom summons was issued. [2001 c.622 §12; 2003 c.205 §15]