2015 ORS § 419B.346¹
Medical planning

Whenever a ward who is in need of medical care or other special treatment by reason of physical or mental condition is placed in the custody of the Department of Human Services by the juvenile court, the department shall prepare a plan for care or treatment within 14 days after assuming custody of the ward. The court may indicate in general terms the type of care which it regards as initially appropriate. A copy of the plan, including a time schedule for its implementation, shall be sent to the juvenile court that committed the ward to the department. The court may at any time request regular progress reports on implementation of the plan. The department shall notify the court when the plan is implemented, and shall report to the court concerning the progress of the ward annually thereafter. If the plan is subsequently revised, the department shall notify the court of the revisions and the reasons for the revisions. [1993 c.33 §111; 2003 c.396 §60]