2015 ORS § 419B.237¹
Duration of appointment
  • compensation

(1) The appointment of a guardian ad litem under ORS 419B.231 (Appointment) continues until:

(a) The court terminates the appointment;

(b) The juvenile court proceeding is dismissed; or

(c) The parents parental rights are terminated, unless the court continues the appointment.

(2) A party to the proceeding or the attorney for the parent for whom a guardian ad litem has been appointed may request removal of the guardian ad litem. The court:

(a) Shall remove the guardian ad litem if the court determines that the parent no longer lacks substantial capacity either to understand the nature and consequences of the proceeding or to give direction and assistance to the parents attorney on decisions the parent must make in the proceeding; or

(b) May remove the guardian ad litem on other grounds as the court determines appropriate.

(3) The Public Defense Services Commission shall compensate a guardian ad litem for duties the guardian ad litem performs in the proceeding from funds appropriated to the commission. [2005 c.450 §4]