2015 ORS § 419B.117¹
Notice to parents or guardian of child
  • when given
  • contents

(1) At the first appearance by the parents or guardian of a child before the court, the court shall inform the parents or guardian verbally and provide a standard notice describing:

(a) The obligation of the parents or guardian to pay for compensation and reasonable expenses for counsel for the child, support of the child while the child is in the custody of a state-financed or state-supported residence and any other obligations to pay money that may arise as a result of the child being within the jurisdiction of the court;

(b) The assignment of support rights under ORS 419B.406 (Assignment of support order to state);

(c) The right of the parents or guardian to appeal a decision on jurisdiction or disposition made by the court; and

(d) The time for filing an appeal of a decision by the court.

(2) The court shall prepare and provide the standard notice required under subsection (1) of this section.

(3) The court shall place a notation in the record of the case of the date that the parents or guardian were provided information under this section. [1997 c.748 §2]