2015 ORS § 418.718¹
Statewide team

(1) The Department of Human Services may form a statewide interdisciplinary team to meet twice a year to review domestic violence fatality cases, identify domestic violence trends, make recommendations and take actions involving statewide issues.

(2) The statewide interdisciplinary team may recommend specific cases to a local multidisciplinary domestic violence fatality review team for review under ORS 418.714 (Domestic violence fatality review teams).

(3) The statewide interdisciplinary team shall provide recommendations to local fatality review teams in the development of protocols. The recommendations must be designed to facilitate communication among organizations and agencies involved in domestic violence fatality cases so that incidents of domestic violence and fatalities related to domestic violence are identified and prevented. The recommendations must include procedures relevant for both urban and rural counties. [2005 c.547 §3]

Note: See note under 418.712 (Definitions for ORS 418.714 and 418.718).