2015 ORS § 418.663¹
Employment goals

(1) Projects selected under ORS 418.650 (Policy) to 418.663 (Employment goals) shall:

(a) Result in an increase in employment opportunities for disadvantaged and at-risk youth over those opportunities which would otherwise be available;

(b) Not result in the displacement of currently employed workers, including partial displacement such as reduction in the hours of nonovertime work or wages or employment benefits;

(c) Not impair existing contracts for services or result in the substitution of state for other funds in connection with work that would otherwise be performed;

(d) Not substitute jobs assisted under ORS 418.650 (Policy) to 418.663 (Employment goals) for existing federally assisted jobs;

(e) Not employ any person when any other person is on layoff by an employer from the same or any substantially equivalent job in the same area; and

(f) Not be used to employ any person to fill a job opening created by the act of an employer in laying off or terminating employment of any regular employee, otherwise reducing the regular workforce not supported under ORS 418.650 (Policy) to 418.663 (Employment goals), in anticipation of filling the vacancy so created by hiring a person to be supported under ORS 418.650 (Policy) to 418.663 (Employment goals).

(2) Where a labor organization represents employees who are engaged in similar work or a workers cooperative is engaged in work in the same area to that proposed to be performed under the program for which an application is being developed, the organization or cooperative shall be notified and shall be afforded a reasonable period of time prior to the submission of the application in which to make comments to the applicant and to the program director of the Oregon Youth Conservation Corps. [1987 c.326 §9; 1991 c.581 §6; 1999 c.71 §5]

Note: See note under 418.650 (Policy).