2015 ORS § 409.162¹
Identifying and implementing workload efficiencies

(1) The Department of Human Services shall collaborate with its existing advisory groups to identify and implement workload efficiencies in the state agencies that administer programs providing:

(a) Child welfare services under ORS 418.005 (Powers of department in connection with child welfare services);

(b) Temporary assistance for needy families under ORS 412.006 (Eligibility for aid);

(c) Nutritional assistance under ORS 411.816 (Eligibility for and amount of assistance);

(d) Medical assistance eligibility determinations under ORS 411.404 (Determination of eligibility for medical assistance);

(e) Services to elderly persons and to persons with disabilities under ORS 410.070 (Duties of Department of Human Services) and 412.014 (State Family Pre-SSI/SSDI program); and

(f) Vocational rehabilitation services under ORS 344.530 (Department of Human Services rehabilitation duties).

(2) The department shall collaborate with the following advisory groups and other groups designated by the department in identifying and implementing workload efficiencies:

(a) The advisory committee created by ORS 418.005 (Powers of department in connection with child welfare services) (2).

(b) The Family Services Review Commission established under ORS 411.075 (Family Services Review Commission).

(c) The State Independent Living Council established by Executive Order 94-12.

(d) The advisory committee established under ORS 344.735 (State advisory committee).

(e) Area agency advisory councils required under ORS 410.210 (Area agency advisory councils).

(f) The Governors Commission on Senior Services created by ORS 410.320 (Governors Commission on Senior Services). [2009 c.598 §2; 2011 c.720 §81]