2015 ORS § 409.110¹
Authority of director
  • grants

(1) The Director of Human Services, consistent with any federal requirements and with the prior consent of the Governor:

(a) May cause the organizational units within the Department of Human Services to make joint use of the personnel, resources, information and facilities available within the department;

(b) May combine or transfer components of organizational units within the department; and

(c) May organize and reorganize the department in the manner the director considers necessary to properly conduct the work of the department consistent with federal requirements and after consultation with parties affected by such change, including but not limited to service providers, advisory committees and county governments.

(2) The director may make financial grants to local units of government, nonprofit organizations and individuals from funds appropriated by the Legislative Assembly to carry out the departments responsibilities. [Formerly 184.770; 1999 c.421 §6; 2001 c.900 §64]