2015 ORS § 408.390¹
City acquisition of land for Oregon Veterans Home

When such power is conferred or contained in their charters or Acts of incorporation, incorporated cities may purchase, receive, take and acquire by eminent domain, or otherwise, and within or without corporate limits, land and necessary or convenient means of access thereto by roads, ways, streets, railroad spurs, bridges, or the like, and sell or donate the same to the Director of Veterans Affairs for the construction thereon of an Oregon Veterans Home. Such acquisition and donation shall be deemed for the general use and benefit of the inhabitants of any city exercising the powers granted by this section and for the general use and benefit of the veterans of the State of Oregon. For the purpose of exercising the power of eminent domain under this section and ORS 408.395 (Condemnation of property for Oregon Veterans Home) or under the provision in any municipal charter based upon this section, such taking or acquisition shall be deemed to be for a public and municipal use. [Formerly 408.510]